How Google Apps Script helps in small tasks

Google Apps Script

Google App Script

Till now, I have just heard about the word JavaScript, Angular, React scripts, but I was wondered when I hear about Google Apps Script. "Google Apps Script" adds the more functionality to the google documents like google docs, google spreadsheets, google sites, google forms etc. The very most interesting thing about google app script is that you can use it in the same way as JavaScript with little change. So, it is easy to write and easy to use with your google docs.

One of my reputed client was having a small requirement of Send Bulk Emails. So, as a typical solution, one will have idea about creating a great UI which will have a email template section, customer's Email contact book and precisely "send email" section from where one can choose the email template and then select the customer's Emails. Pressing the "Go" button finally sends the emails. So, at last, one wonderful software is ready with 3-4 average screens. But now what if you want to share email details with other people also? You will now again have one more screen for user management. 

At the end, it takes time to develop all of this, estimation grew up and budget is low..... So, what happen, client refuse for this system. But it is not the only solution that should be provided. The second solution is "Google Apps Script". 

See, How Google Apps script helps in this scenario, 
Google App Script

  • You can manage your data and email templates in your google account. No extra space is needed.
  • You can use google contacts i.e. your gmail contacts. No need to build any extra contact module.
  • You can share your sheet with any user using google share functionality.
  • Now, the only thing you need is to create one button using your google app script and pressing button will automatically send emails to all contacts or the selected contacts.
  • No specific installation is required.
  • And last but not the least, as it is a Google product, it is likely more secure and tested product itself.

So what can be the best solution here? Obviously, Google App Script.

Our main objective should not be only to provide software solution but it should be a client budget familiar also. We are not only building software, We are building clients, their trust, their satisfaction. We provide the solutions to clients problem with their set cost limits. Try your google app script today.

Happy coding with Google Apps Script

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