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How Google Apps Script helps in small tasks

Google Apps Script Till now, I have just heard about the word JavaScript, Angular, React scripts, but I was wondered when I hear about Google Apps Script. " Google Apps Script " adds the more functionality to the google documents like google docs, google spreadsheets, google sites, google forms etc. The very most interesting thing about google app script is that you can use it in the same way as JavaScript with little change. So, it is easy to write and easy to use with your google docs. One of my reputed client was having a small requirement of Send Bulk Emails. So, as a typical solution, one will have idea about creating a great UI which will have a email template section, customer's Email contact book and precisely "send email" section from where one can choose the email template and then select the customer's Emails. Pressing the "Go" button finally sends the emails. So, at last, one wonderful software is ready with 3-4 average sc