6 steps to being a smart searcher

Search has been around for more than 20 years and we see billions of queries every day. Today I’ve already used Search to check this Sunday’s Giants’ score against the Jets, look up lyrics to Coldplay’s new song, and find out when daylight savings starts next year. But with so much information online today, the fastest way to find exactly what you’re looking for isn’t always obvious. 
In my 14 years at Google as a research scientist for Search, I’ve conducted several studies to understand how people collect, organize and understand large amounts of information when they search the web. I also teach online and in-person classes to equip people with useful techniques for navigating Search. And because I think it’s so important, I even wrote a book: “The Joy of Search: A Google Insider’s Guide to Going beyond the Basics.
There are six simple steps that I teach my students—people of all ages—to help them quickly find the information they are searching for. 
Do one more search Often peopl…

Front End Optimization - Useful Tips to Improve Web Performance

In today’s digital world, there are millions of websites accessed every day for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, many of these websites are clunky and bothersome to use. Poorly optimized websites are plagued with a variety of issues including slow loading times, being non-mobile ready, browser incompatibilities, and so on.

Site visitors simply are not going to wait very long for your website to download. Web performance and download speeds are a growing science and research showsthat milliseconds can make a real difference in customer behavior and get those sales conversions.

1. Clean up HTML document
HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is the backbone of almost every website. HTML allows you to format web pages with headings, subheadings, lists and other useful word sorting features. You can also create attractive graphics with the latest HTML5 version. HTML can be easily read by web crawlers, so search engines can update your website content in a timely manner. When working with HT…

How Google Apps Script helps in small tasks

Google Apps Script

Till now, I have just heard about the word JavaScript, Angular, React scripts, but I was wondered when I hear about Google Apps Script. "Google Apps Script" adds the more functionality to the google documents like google docs, google spreadsheets, google sites, google forms etc. The very most interesting thing about google app script is that you can use it in the same way as JavaScript with little change. So, it is easy to write and easy to use with your google docs.

One of my reputed client was having a small requirement of Send Bulk Emails. So, as a typical solution, one will have idea about creating a great UI which will have a email template section, customer's Email contact book and precisely "send email" section from where one can choose the email template and then select the customer's Emails. Pressing the "Go" button finally sends the emails. So, at last, one wonderful software is ready with 3-4 average screens. But now w…

JustDial | Scrapper | Web Scraping | Data Extraction | JDscrapper

JustDial is a top leading search service provider company. It provides various information like phone, address, email etc. It has its own format to display data.
Web Scraping is a method/technique to read data from website. Basically, it is a technique used to read data from website and store them in required format. You can store scraped data in csv, excel, MSSQL or Drive spreadsheet any kind of storage source media.

How JDscrapper comes into picture?

Justdial provides all detail but not in one structured manner. Meaning, suppose if you want to find "printers" shop list for particular location i.e shop name, their address, phone and emails all at one place (in one list) then you need to prepare same manually by searching next to next page from justdail which seems to be a slow process. 

This is where JDscrapper comes into picture. With the JDscrapper, you can read all printer details list using single click.

Why JDscrapper?

JDscrapper provides justdial search details with name, p…